sang argent     turtle & data

my mother once told me : "comes a war,
you're not going, i'll take care of that !
i'll cut off your forefingers, how will you shoot ?"
me, i forgot who i was, can't remember who i am...

because I've been a hero in more than one zillion wars
dead already, before i was born
parading your streets...sedated
barely able to recognize one living from one dead ... dead !

still there are words that stuck no matter what ... she said :

oh my darling, oh my sweetheart
don't tell me you're going, don't tear us apart
we are of the same kind, we're like lost fingers
hold me dear, hold me and it will all go away

blood money

so many a poor boy
so many a poor girl
saw their lives sucked in that monster : blood money
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